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At Platinum Quality Construction, we are devoted to helping our customers reach the potential of their dream home. Whether it’s done one room at a time or one fell swoop, we will use our experience and passion to make it happen. As professional contractors in Hilton, NY, provide services such as siding, window repair/installation, and remodeling. We know how important your home is to you and we will help you make it everything you want it to be. Whether it’s an outdated kitchen, a bathroom with water damage, or a basement that needs a makeover, we can make it happen for you.

Equipment Work Hilton, NY

Various work including but not limited to, land clearing, land grading, brush hogging, post hole drilling, auger work, pond dig outs.

Siding Hilton, NY

Platinum Quality Construction can install or replace siding to ensure your home’s aesthetic and appeal.Read More

Windows Hilton, NY

Platinum Quality Construction can give you a free estimate for replacing or repairing old windows.Read More

Remodeling Hilton, NY

Platinum Quality Construction can turn your outdated room into a modern space for all.Read More


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